Sunday, February 15, 2009

Corner Bookmark Challenge

I love to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs....I just love it. One thing, however, that I'm always needing is a bookmark. So, this week, Pam and I are challenging you to make a corner bookmark.

For some reason I am having a huge problem getting the template uploaded but I'll explain how this is made.

1. Start with a piece of 4" x 4" cardstock.
2. Mark 2" on three of the four sides of the square.
3. Fold in on the 2" markers to make a point.
4. Tape the triangles together and cover.

Check out StampingMathilda's blog for more great samples!

For Carrie's sample, she used the set Little Cuties from Pink Persimmon - isn't that little dog adorable? I can just see this being used in a young child's book!

Please submit your creations by Tuesday, Feb 24th at 11pm MST to be included in the gallery and to have a chance to win a gift certificate from Pink Persimmon.

We can't wait to see what you all come up with!


1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhh, I've never made one of these before. SWEET challenge!!!

loftylass said...

Hi. I like this and it's something I can do with my grandchildren.
Thanks for sharing.

TxErica said...

Fabulous idea! I have to try it out. I never have a bookmark when I need one!

melita said...

cute, cute! a perfect way to use up those little scraps!

Tonya A said...

That is so cute! I wish I could participate this challenge but I can't...hopefully soon I'll be back! I'm definitely going to make one of these when I can start crafting again!

melita said...

i finally had a chance to get this done today!