Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Idea #4 Match Book

Time for another holiday treat idea...a cocoa match book.  Another very simple packaging idea for a sweet little treat. I took the cocoa packet as a guide for the match book and cut my card stock to 7 1/2" x 5". I scored the card stock at 1" and 4 1/4" (along the long side) then wrapped it around the cocoa packet. I stapled the edge of the packet inside the small flap, which also allows the top flap to tuck inside and stay shut. I added some pattern paper from Stampin' UP!, a bow and little matching tag and voila! Try this out with any filler, such as tea, bag of M&M's, even a gift card (just tape the gift card inside to secure).  Lets see some of your ideas!
Have a great weekend!


1 Crafty Gal said...

Gorgeous Pam!!! I love it!

Amy said...

I just made some of these this afternoon for my dd's dance class (forgot this was the last class before Christmas!!!). I stuck in some swiss miss with marshmallows. The girls shrilled with joy - WE GOT COCOA!!!! They were adorable (I stamped SU! "by merry" on the bottom part that folds up) and my daughter was thrilled that they loved them! I, however, was thrilled that I could give some cute goodies for so cheap - literally scraps of papers and ribbon, $1.00 for the cocoa! Thanks for the idea!